15 Million Capsules - that's a lot of coffee!

15 Million Capsules - that's a lot of coffee!

Cantarella Bros, well known for their Vittoria Coffee brands, have been roasting and creating their own coffee in Australia for almost 60 years. They are true pioneers in the Australian café culture.  

Disability Services Australia have had a long association with Cantarella, packing many of their coffee products and marketing packs for more than 15 years.

More recently, Disability Services Australia has been working on packaging coffee capsules for café style coffee at home.

The Cantarella product has been a huge success in the market and our Braemar facility packaged over 15 million capsules in just twelve months.

Through this great relationship with Cantarella our Braemar facility which supports 60 people with a disability has had a 50% business growth whilst delivering great results for our business customer. 


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