The BuyAbility Impact Tool measures the social and economic impact of Disability Enterprises on the Australian economy and society. Supporting Disability Enterprises means increasing the employment opportunities for people with disability. Meaningful work means people with disability can lead an ordinary life – make friends and find professional fulfilment knowing they are contributing to the community. The social impact of employment is considerable both for the employee themselves and their family, carer and friends.

Providing opportunities for work for people with disability also has a significant economic impact allowing the Government to save billions of dollars. The BuyAbility Impact Tool provides the opportunity to Disability Enterprises to enter their organisational and supported employee data to deliver national social and impact metrics of the supported employment sector.

The methodology used in the Tool to calculate the economic and social benefit of supported employment has received third party verification from ACIL Allen.

Regular benchmark reviews provide across-the-board updates, including wage assessment, productivity and employee satisfaction. They assist in the monitoring of operational site productions within the organisation as well as externally. The tool provides a staffing record database and encourages the engagement of employees to record testimonials and satisfaction reviews.

Members of the BuyAbility network can also access the BuyAbility Tool – which measures and calculates their social and economic contributions to Australia. The tool provides reports that are a great resource for potential buyers. Members receive access to the BuyAbility Impact Tool, which generates accurate data on the economic and social benefits of your organisation and supported employment generally.

Pledged BuyAbility members access the Tool here.

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