With more than 600 outlets across Australia, BuyAbility Social Enterprises offer a wide array of products and services ranging from manufacturing, recycling, catering, facilities management, horticulture and the list goes on! You can search here to see the breadth and diversity of solutions from BuyAbility Social Enterprises.

Affordable   High quality products and services at competitive prices
Seamless   Access to a national network of 600 BuyAbility Social Enterprise outlets
Social Benefit   Create measurable social and economic benefit for thousands of people with disability


Government departments and agencies have been valuable clients of BuyAbility for many years and have been instrumental in building the solution. BuyAbility’s long standing experience and deep understanding of the specific needs of Government procurement professionals means we are able to effectively source quality suppliers and manage the contract end to end.

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All State, Territory and Federal Governments have legislative provisions and/or strategic policies in place to facilitate engagement with BuyAbility Social Enterprises. BuyAbility continues its important role of working closely with governments nationally to advise on social procurement strategy and policy.

Private Enterprise

The breadth of services offered by BuyAbility Social Enterprises and their commitment to providing value for money means they are the perfect complement to any company’s supply chain. 

As customers become more aware of socially responsible sourcing, it makes sense to take advantage of the measurable social dividend of purchasing from BuyAbility Social Enterprises.

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