Work in a Disability Enterprise

Disability Enterprises employ people with disabilities in a supported working environment. They employ more than 20,000 Australians with disability.

Employees work in a diverse range of roles – from gardeners to store people to screen printers to recyclers to cooks – there is a wide variety of opportunities.

Employees are supported to work, develop new skills and participate in their communities. Many find the training provided in these enterprises supports them to transition into to open employment. Most Disability Enterprises are nonprofit organisations. They are social enterprises, which provide services or products and invest the profits into social outcomes.

People with disability have the right to lead ordinary lives like others in the community. In supported employment, employees make meaningful contributions to the workforce and participate in the work place like their families and neighbours. Research and case studies show that supported employment can lead to beneficial health and wellbeing outcomes for people with disability. Disability Enterprises offer a diverse range of roles which provide opportunities to develop new skills and to form professional networks. Some employees are also able to build on the skills and networks they develop through supported employment to form lasting non-supported careers in open employment.

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By sharing your story about working in supported employment, you can help others considering doing the same and help demonstrate why it’s important we create more supported work opportunities for people with disability.

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