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Working with Disability Enterprises provides opportunities for socially responsible procurement. There are 200 Disability Enterprises with more than 600 locations across Australia offering an array of quality products and services.

The BuyAbility Procurement is a team of social procurement specialists committed to understanding and fulfilling your procurement requirements. BuyAbility Procurement works with you to better understand your business needs and scope your requirements to deliver the right procurement outcome. Our team of professionals has successfully worked in partnership with government and private enterprise buyers and procurement leads for more than 7 years.

To date, our highly successful service has seen more than 900 people with disability engaged in meaningful work across 50 Disability Enterprises.

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Contract Management

At BuyAbility Procurement we know how time consuming and complex sourcing quality suppliers and managing the contracting process can be. Through our Contract Management solution we take away the stress and provide a one stop solution, from working with you to scope the requirements, sourcing suppliers and managing the request for quote process, through to delivery of the product or service and ongoing management of the contract and invoicing.

Disability Enterprise Marketplace

A new way to connect directly with Disability Enterprises is through the Disability Enterprise Marketplace. This online portal allows buyers to easily and effectively run request for quotes and work directly with a verified panel of established Disability Enterprises.

This purpose built platform will manage a request for quote end to end, caters to all probity requirements and provides ongoing reporting throughout the purchasing process all the way to contract completion.

Stay tuned – the Disability Enterprise Marketplace will be launching in October!

Register your interest here to be notified when the Marketplace is available.

Why Buy from BuyAbility?

By purchasing goods and services through BuyAbility Procurement you are providing meaningful work to people with disability. Our suppliers employ more than 20,000 people with disability providing individual employees the opportunity to earn, learn and grow through work just like their family, friends and other members of the community.

Our network of Disability Enterprises offers a wide range of products and services that span the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, recycling and horticulture industries, and many more. All products and services purchased through BuyAbility are quality assured and Australian operated.

Buying through BuyAbility Procurement is a socially responsible choice that contributes to the future of employment for people with disability in Australia.

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