Do Business with Disability Enterprises

Working with Disability Enterprises provides opportunities for socially responsible procurement. There are 200 Disability Enterprises with more than 600 locations across Australia offering an array of quality products and services.

The BuyaAbility website is effecitvely a landing pad for government and business to identify, connect and source Disability Enterprises that will meet your procurement requirements.

This website is supported by a BuyAbility Procurement team of social procurement specialists committed to helping you identify local disability enterprises with the right capacity and capability to fulfilling your procurement requirements. 

The BuyAbility team has successfully worked in partnership with government and private enterprise buyers and procurement leads for more than 7 years.

To date, our highly successful service has seen more than 1,700 people with disability engaged in meaningful work across 64 Disability Enterprises.

Contact us today on 1300 043 517 or and let us help you succeed!

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