A Natural Fit between Hydrowood and Oakdale Industries

A Natural Fit between Hydrowood and Oakdale Industries

Hydrowood and Oakdale Industries are delighted to announce a partnership to deliver unique flooring products to the national market.

Oakdale Industries, an Australian Disability Enterprise, has manufactured fine Tasmanian timbers for 50 years.

CEO Drew Beswick, says the partnership will deliver high quality flooring to the Australian market, while also providing meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

A partnership between Hydrowood and Oakdale Industries is a natural fit as we both believe in hidden potential.

Hydrowood timber is a premium product that makes use of a rare and valuable resource, reclaimed from the depths of Tasmanian hydro lakes.

Oakdale trains people with disabilities in the various aspects of timber manufacturing, developing confidence and independence alongside workplace skills.

Oakdale’s state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled team enables them to respond to special client requests, working with all sizes and quantities of timber. Under the partnership, flooring products are available in a range of timber including Western Beech and Celery Top Pine.

Oakdale Industries is one of a family of social enterprises operated by Oak Tasmania, a leading Tasmanian disability services provider.

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