BuyAbility Social Enterprises Commit To Bold New Industry Vision

BuyAbility Social Enterprises Commit To Bold New Industry Vision

On 19 May 2021, almost 160 representatives of BuyAbility Social Enterprises attended the launch of National Disability Services’ (NDS) Industry Vision for Supported Employment, “Disability Employment Horizons, making our Vision a reality”.

The Industry Vision is a far-sighted strategic document aiming to support the ongoing evolution of the supported employment model over the next three to five years. Through implementing the Vision, the supported employment sector will:

  • Offer widespread provision of high-quality supported employment options for people with disability across a range of settings

  • Promote and provide access to skill-building opportunities and career pathways

  • Operate sustainable businesses producing high-quality products and services

  • Comprehensively report on the sector’s social and economic impact and its contribution to building a more inclusive and equitable society

The Vision launch also involved a panel discussion examining a range of key topics, including:

  • Progress on the Fair Work Commission’s proposed wages framework for supported employment,

  • The Disability Royal Commission’s coverage of barriers to and the provision of disability employment 

  • Developments in disability employment provision overseas

  • The National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) employment agenda for 2021-22 and the results of a recent survey of supported employment providers.

The afternoon session covered developing a set of Key Performance Indicators for the Vision, which would enable initial benchmarking against a range of quantitative and qualitative measures. The sector could then measure its progress in meeting or exceeding subsequent baseline measures over the duration of the Vision.

The Next Three Years

As work to deliver the Vision takes place over the next three years, we envisage the sector offering comprehensive employment options for people with disability, including supported employment and open employment, and the transition to open employment, supported open employment, social enterprise, and self-employment.

The phase of the implementation of the Vision will include ratification of the KPIs by the NDS National Committee on Supported Employment. 

A Vision Leadership Group composed of members from within and outside of the sector will be established to drive the implementation of the Vision and achieve objectives, strategies, actions and outcomes.

Why is The Vision Important?

Achieving the Vision will translate into broader employment opportunities for more people with disability and help to reach the Government’s objective of 30% of working-age NDIS participants in employment by 2023.  

Implementing the Vision commits BuyAbility Social Enterprises to: 

  • Diversify and strengthen work options, including those in the emerging digital economy 

  • Upskill their support workforce to deliver a broader range of employment options  

  • Play a pivotal role in delivering the goals of NDIS Participant Employment Strategy 2020- 2022 

  • Implement new wage-setting arrangements 

  • Support reforms and recommendations arising from the Disability Royal Commission  

Jobseekers with disability, and existing and potential customers of supported employment providers are encouraged to read the Vision Summary to familiarise themselves with the sector’s commitment to excellence in both disability employment provision and commercial practice.


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