Delando - NSW Training Awards State Finalist

Delando - NSW Training Awards State Finalist

We have a progressive board and our General Manager has always been a strong advocate for employees and clients.  The culture of the organisation is focused on our clients and supported workers.  One way to ensure they are receiving the best service from our staff and organisation is to ensure all staff receives ongoing and appropriate learning opportunities.  The staff and board also recognise and believe that it is important for every individual to be afforded to reach their full potential and one of the ways we support this belief is through the ongoing training opportunities provided to our clients and supported employees.

We use picturesque training materials, assess during work processes, use easy to understand language and have even had a song written to convey the Six Disability Standards to our clients.

Through training our staff, employees and clients we have found all are more engaged, have an increased confidence as well as increased interest in further training, are achieving personal goals and are applying learning to other aspects of life.

Picture Above (Left to Right) Helen Ryan (Cert II in Retail) Steven Ranger (Literacy – Drivers Licence & Independence) Nigel Bates (Cert II Horticulture units) Michelle Groeneveld (Cert III Business Administration) Anissa Thomas (HR/Trainer) Deb Scott (General Manager)


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