I Heart My Job

I Heart My Job

All Jobs Matter: That’s why I’m a Supported Employment Champion

Workers from across Australia have banded together in support of supported employment. The BuyAbility Campaign has launched a grass roots, social media campaign to demonstrate the importance of Disability Enterprises in providing meaningful employment for people with disability.

To celebrate the value of work and how meaningful employment improves community inclusion, living standards, skills development and friendship people from across the country are downloading the “I heart my job” sign and posting their photos and selfies to the BuyAbility Facebook page.

You can help! Download our ‘I heart my job’ sign here, snap a photo and send it to the BuyAbility Team at  for inclusion in our Facebook Gallery.

Over the next few months we have a great opportunity to build awareness of Disability Enterprises and their key role in providing employment opportunities.

Supported employment is an excellent work choice for people with disability. The ability to contribute to society improves social and health benefits as well as the economy. Let us all get behind BuyAbility because ‘All Jobs Matter’.


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