Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten - please join us for breakfast!

Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten - please join us for breakfast!

On the 5th September 2017 the BuyAbility team is excited to be taking a positive message about supported employment to Parliament House. We will be discussing how supported employment through Disability Enterprises provide some people with disability a great option for working in jobs and participating in the community.

In preparation for our Canberra trip we visited the team at Valmar in Tumut, NSW to hear what they had to say about their work and record this special video message for Prime Minister Turnbull and Mr Shorten.


Valmar is a BuyAbility Supported Employment Champion. The team love their jobs and the organisation plays an integral role in the local community. This is true for many Disability Enterprises across the nation.

By choosing supported employment like that provided at Valmar employees with disability can increase their income and benefit from improvements in whole of life areas such as improved health and social outcomes. As well, organisations like Valmar support people with disability to play an important and participatory role in local economies and communities.

Get behind supported employment and become a supported employment champion today.


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