Prosperity; Beyond the Bottom Line…

Prosperity; Beyond the Bottom Line…

The world and the economy is undoubtedly changing, as is how we do business.

Businesses are now evolving and placing as much importance on the prosperity of people and the planet - as much profit and their own bottom line.

As social consciousness and awareness grows,  it’s now seen as best practice in many businesses to create targets and set KPIs that focus on diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), not just in their organisations but also through their whole supply chain.


What is DE&I?

Diversity includes all ways that people are different from each other, including age, gender, race and ethnicity, abilities and disabilities, language and culture and sexual orientation.

Equity includes aims to ensure the fair treatment, access, equality or opportunity and advancement of people, while also attempting to identify and remove the barriers that have prevented some groups from fully participating. It promotes justice, fairness and impartiality within the processes, procedures and distribution of resources of an organisation.

Inclusion works on building a culture where everyone feels welcome by actively inviting every person or every group to contribute and participate. A work environment that is inclusive is supportive, respectful, and collaborative and aims to get all employees to participate and contribute. It also endeavours to remove all barriers, discrimination and intolerance within an organisation.

Why is DE&I in your business important?

  1. Your people are the backbone of your business and your business (be it big or small) has a direct impact on patterns of consumerism, humanity and the planet. 

  2. People are also becoming more educated and aware around who they are purchasing from and how that business contributes to the global environment and economy

  3. There are support businesses (like Buyability) that make it easy to achieve and integrate more DE&I into your business tapestry so that ‘it's easier to turn a blind eye’ excuse no longer works..


Where do I start and how do I practically implement more DE&I into my business?

  • Through in-house socially responsible procurement practices AND 

  • Reviewing your supply chain and engaging with businesses that support the same - like Buyability.


How DE&I creates greater prosperity…

Whether you are directly employing - or hiring through a service that supports minority marginalised groups of people, there are so many flow-on benefits not just to you and your business but to the greater economy as a whole.

For example - let's take a look at employing someone with a ‘disability’ or engaging the services of an organisation that hires them…

  • This person has abilities (beyond their disability) that can support your procedures and practices.

  • This person will contribute meaningfully to your group environment by being able to offer a different perspective and lens when it comes to experiencing and viewing the world (and your product or service).

  • This person will directly benefit by the economic benefits that come from being employed  

  • Which means their social participation is enhanced. 

  • Which means they can purchase goods and services that contribute to community


How Buyability can help grow DE&I in your business - 

It’s important to remember that you don't necessarily have to be the business that employs the person.

The BuyAbility network is made up of BuyAbility Social Enterprises, which employ people with disability in supported working environments. They employ around 17,000 Australians with varying degrees of disabilities who are not currently able to work without support. Employees have access to work in a diverse range of roles – from gardeners to store people, screen printers, recyclers and cooks. Employees are supported to work, develop new skills and participate in their communities. Many find the training provided in BuyAbility Social Enterprises supports them to transition into open employment. 

By purchasing goods and services from the BuyAbility Social Enterprises, you are making a responsible choice that contributes to the future of supported employment for people with disability in Australia.


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