Aware Industries Ltd

Organisation Details

  • Head Office: 22 Maloney Drive, Wodonga, VIC, 3689 (view map)
  • Outlets: 1 (see below)
  • Phone: (02) 6059 0400
  • We have 111 Supported Employees

Brief description

The Albury Recycling Centre's new re-use shop is run by local not-for-profit group, Aware Industries.

Aware’s team includes local people with disabilities, some long-term job seekers and people who are retraining for new careers.

The shop gives new life to many items which are dropped off at the recycling centre. You can:

Buy second hand household goods
Upcycle goods in the craft corner
Buy upcycled goods ready made
Take something home to upcycle

The Upcycle and Recycle shop also offers residents a low-grade mulch for a small donation and 5kg bags of kindling for $5.00.

The contribution we make to the community

How supported employees and their families benefit

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Business Contact
Ph: (02) 6059 0400

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Outlet Details:

  • Name: Aware Industries Ltd
  • Address: 22 Maloney Drive, Wodonga, VIC, 3689 (view map)


  • Sales: Administrator
  • Phone: (02) 6059 0400
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  • General Recycling

Aware Industries Ltd

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