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Founded in 1962, Fairhaven is a community leader on the Central Coast of NSW in the provision of services for people living with disability.
Many Companies and Industries outsource work in the hopes of gaining a competitive advantage or filling a gap in their capabilities . Fairhaven can help with both of these issues by offering high quality results at a very competitive price while supporting the work and training we offer to employees with disabilities.
We take great pride in partnering with our customers to help develop, high quality tailor made solutions for their Food packaging, Packaging and assembly solutions to deliver the best results possible.
Fairhaven offers a variety of innovative solutions for individuals and businesses and are HACCP and ACO approved and have staff certified in Cert 3 in Warehousing.
• 5 Clean rooms
• Food filling and Packaging solutions
• Packing & General assembly
• Stickering and Re-work

The contribution we make to the community

Fairhaven contributes to community connection by providing support to people living with disability. This includes meaningful employment, skills development and capacity building, supported accommodation and day programs. Our thriving retail outlet, at Point Claire Fairhaven Op Shopping Village, draws in people from the wider community who come to shop and relax at our café. Our community hub runs activities for our participants as well as the broader community.

How supported employees and their families benefit

Fairhaven is more than just a work place – Fairhaven offers a meaningful and productive means of supporting people with disabilities. There is a great sense of pride and achievement that comes with not only having a job, but being part of a team. This sense of belonging and achievement is recognised and appreciated by our customers and supported employee family members.
Our Australian Disability Enterprise provide meaningful employment to over 140 people living with disability. We offer food and general packaging, as well as retail experience. The variety of work offered by Fairhaven ensures that people can choose a supported employment role that best suits their interests and ability.

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Business Contact
Mark Palmer
Ph: 02 43495500
Em: markp@fairhaven.org.au

HR Contact
Sara Fiddock
Ph: 02 43495500
Em: saraf@fairhaven.org.au

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  • Name: Fairhaven CoPack
  • Address: 209 Brisbane water drive, Point Claire, NSW, 2250 (view map)


  • Sales: Mark Palmer
  • Phone: 02 43495500
  • Email: markp@fairhaven.org.au


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Fairhaven Services Limited

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