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Macarthur Disability Services provides a range of support services including employment for people with a disability and or a mental illness (psycho-social disability).

The contribution we make to the community

Macarthur Disability Services (MDS) provides support for people with a disability and those living with a mental illness living in our community. MDS has over 30 years experience in delivering high quality supports that enable people with a disability and those with a mental illness to participate in the community and enjoy a meaningful life.

How supported employees and their families benefit

Macarthur Disability Services (MDS) provides a safe and flexible workplace for its supported employees that enables people to enjoy the benefits of work. These benefits include, improved financial status, opportunities to socialise, build self esteem and

Organisation contacts

Business Contact
Rebecca Wasielewski
Ph: 02 4621 8400

HR Contact
Amanda Mesa
Ph: 4621 8400

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  • Name: Conplete Property Services
  • Address: Unit 1, 20 Broadhurst Rd, Ingleburn, NSW, 2565 (view map)


  • Sales: Rebecca Wasielewski
  • Phone: 02 4621 8400
  • Email:
  • HR: Amanda Mesa
  • Phone: 4621 8400
  • Email:


  • Mowing & Slashing Services

Macarthur Disability Services LTD

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