George Gray Centre Inc

Organisation Details

  • Head Office: 24 Foster St, Maffra, VIC, 3860 (view map)
  • Outlets: 1 (see below)
  • Phone: 0351472221
  • We have 6 Supported Employees

Brief description

The George Gray Centre is a long standing Not for Profit organisation that delivers disability supports for adults that reside in Maffra, Sale and surrounding areas.
George Gray supports its clientele with daily living tasks, creative and recreational pursuits and vocational training. The George Gray Centre runs a lawn and garden maintenance crew that undertakes domestic, commercial and contractual works.
The vision that directs and drives the lawn and garden maintenance business is the strong belief that all people should be supported in pursuing their vocational interests and be given an opportunity to secure gainful employment.

The contribution we make to the community

GGC Lawn and Garden Maintenance provides quality service to both our domestic and commercial customers. Our Supervisors and Supported Employees build strong connections with our customers, contributed to our diverse and innovative workplace all of which fosters positive working relationships and strengthens community connections.

How supported employees and their families benefit

Supported Employment provides opportunities for those living with disability to gain employment and build work skills by providing the individualised support they need to take part in work, contribute to their community and reach their full potential.
Supported Employment can create pathways to open employment as technical and work transferable skills develop and as social skills and confidence grow. Employment not only provides a way to earn money it supports professional and personal development leading to a more enriched life.

Organisation contacts

Business Contact
Deb Weatherley
Ph: 0351472221

Outlets (1)

Outlet Details:

  • Name: GGC Lawn & Garden Maintenance
  • Address: 24 Foster St, Maffra, VIC, 3860 (view map)


  • Sales: Frank Dorber
  • Phone: 0351472221
  • Email:


  • Mowing & Slashing Services
  • Mowing & Slashing Services

George Gray Centre Inc

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